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ODE to the EARTH

Earth Earth Earth
yours is the deepest scent  of my being, I love you dark mother

Mother Night Mother Earth
my smell, my belly, my dreams, in you my roots dwell
yours the vastness I’m traveling endlessly, infinite as were the waters in the womb of my mother
now you are the womb

Dark Mother Mother Earth
my feet! my feet always in you and still mysteriously free, my feet
free to travel to discover every corner cave well magical passages to the Underworld to mystery magical exit or entry in you, tunnels drilled into the consciousness
secret passages to my dreams passages to my shiny future
dark mother sweet-scented mother earth
you smell of my memories of the memories of my cells of my baby mouth eating you of my hands exploring touching molding you

Wind! Mother yours is the wind

the sirens howling in the night, the roars in the savannahs, the screams of the ants, the braking of a truck, the fly off of an airplane, the incredible electronic frequency of the chant of your birds your cicadas your crickets, the whispering of your leaves,  the trampling over pearls of your waters

Blue Mother Mother Earth
swimming swimming swimming bathing to submerge myself into you, your impetuous rifts, your large peaceful rivers, your lakes, your seas, your Ocean
waterfalls of waters, waterfalls of maidenhair fern in which Nature is suavely bathing
and the sea monsters, the delicacy of transparent fishes
luminous beings absurd and awful  live in your depths
Frogs Toads in the shores, beaches Turtles Coconut Palms

Green Mother Mother Earth
forest woods welcoming jungle giver of life of air trembling in the warmth of the hunt, and of love
Caressing you always with my feet mother massaging you always, and letting your loving contact massages my feet
till they tired and I lay down on You to sleep and enjoy your hug this direct contact with my belly
that you’re always protecting mother
Serpent Lizard Iguana

Red Mother Mother Earth
the fear!
the fear while I was growing these four legs and I detached my belly from you
the fear of this enormous distance abysm vertigo
howling my disquiet my love for you for the moon the stars that you mother not at all possessive not at all jealous let us see
in those ancient nights of yours, awesome smelling of your trees of your dense vegetation that while rotting it’s born again

Sulphur Mother Mother Earth
Volcanoes lava power, blind demons, whiff of poison, deep pulsing radiation, polluted air, alchemy, domination illusions, civilizations that rise and fall, construction destruction reconstruction... Earthquake!           

Shaking and fearing I travel you infinite mother earth breathing you with full lungs, striking you with my hooves
Playing you, huge drum that beats at my heart’s rhythm, strongly and warmly
Deer Horse Elephant
I gallop into you infinite mother, wild horses’ herd we travel highlands burnt by an implacable sun, enlivened I by horizons inflamed at sunset that pull me to throw myself at full gallop since two hundred thousands years and still I can’t reach your dreaming horizon

Mother Rainbow Mother Earth
Cosmic race of lights and colors, elves, mushrooms, little people, smooth sliding in the sky, diving in your clouds your humidity my skin that breathes that vibrantly remembers
ancient monsters present beauties worrying awful futures

Mother Grandmother Mother Earth
the fear!  The fear that cut off my deep baby’s breath
when I stand up panting in two legs unsteadily in the start, and then safe
grabbed to your underground energy core with my centre of permanent gravity
dantienn never cut umbilical cord
warrior lover poet dancer son of yours I long to leave you a day

Mother Grave Mother Earth
so much I love you that one day I’ll be part of you, your fertilizer, your sons’ delicacy, the recycling of my atoms with yours, of my memories with those of everybody
…. and the memory of a bird who changed his hands for wings to pass the clouds
to float again as in your womb mother, to go beyond
Mother Earth Mother Daughter of the Galaxy
You can get satisfaction: I’m going I throw myself I leave you, as any son as to do one day to carry out the destiny you assigned me
my adored mother, to bring your greetings your feeling your pride to the sisters of yours, reaching your lineage at last
mother, I go back to the Stars.


Rodolfo de Matteis, Mexico 7-20-30 April 2009 * Translated from the original Spanish by the author Mexico 15 nov 2009 - New Mexico 3 january 2010

soundtrack specially composed for this poem by Charlie Tomorrow to whom goes my heartly thanksgiving


IV Festival Internacional de VideoPoesía "por la Tierra" Buenos Aires 2012