We are the ghosts going in the pigsty of your conscience
We are the poison in the courses of your nasty banquet
We are the tears, black tears, red tears, well hidden behind Gus Fawkes’ mask
We are the nightmare of the agitated sleeping in your rich and bloody beds
We are the seeds of the climbing plants cracking the walls of your palaces, until collapse
We are the hands on the watch counting the hours to your fall
We are the virus in your global control system
We are the bees that don’t want to die because of genetic modified crops
We are the bees collecting pollen from flowers the mothers planted around the common graves, to transform it into the honey of revolution
We are the bone of the red snapper that you stole from the fisherman, well stuck in your obscene throat
We are a dream of peace and love, fighting against your sad evil reality
We are black clouds heavy with the storm coming to fuck your false televised serenity
We are volcanoes erupting the bones of your unmentionable massacres
We are seeds of the stars that will enlighten the new heavens
We are the icicles coming to freeze your holidays in the Cayman islands
We are the yell of the burnt alive of all the inquisitions
We are this smell of fire that will burn the surplus value of your robbery
We are the gold nuggets of freedom abundance and happiness
We are wind rain flowers corn fields and we are coming to make the world richer
We are the sparkle in the eyes, eyes watching everything, eyes transforming everything, destructor eyes, creator eyes
We are the song of the gods in the ceremony of creation
We are the sun after the storm, the first good harvest after the draught, love destroying your fucking terror
We are the vision, the crack in the tissue of the illusory reality allowing you to see the beyond
We are the blood of Christ, the feet of Cuauhtemoc [1] to show the path, feathers of Quetzalcoatl to make the world more beautiful
We are the music of the electrons, the rhythm of Higgs’ bosons, the secret passes of the dance of lord Nataraja
We are those of the good beginning [2]
We are the lightnings tearing the darkness of the new world order
We are the footsteps of Mescalito, Hekari, Masha, the Blue Deer [3]
We are the breeze messing up your hairstyle, the mud dirtying your boots, the dirt on the hands
We are the counter-information, the counter-culture, the art, the healing of the country, the healing of the whole world
We are the emotion in front of the new, the respect in front of the old, the awe in front of the all
We are the hangover after your vampire party
We are those who appreciate only one seagull: Jonathan Livingstone [4]
We are the rebels, the proletarians, those who do not follow the fashions, more likely we create them
We are the conscience of the working class, the unemployed, the undocumented, the student
We are the memory of the rights our fathers conquered with their blood, and that now you want to erase with our same blood
We are those who study instead of showing off
We are the hope of the farthest villages, the slums, the kids
We are those who buy books and pens and colors and brushes and musical instruments instead of US sold weapons
We are solidarity, cooperation, equity, equality
We are the dream of a fair justice
We are those who do not listen your fucking narcocorridos [5] and we are still singing of the clara, la entrañable transparencia [6]
We are those whose inner nature never accepts death, because we are Life.


     Rodolfo de Matteis, Real de Catorce Mexico, 17 / 20 November 2014
[1] Cuauhtémoc: the Aztec prince who led the fight against Spanish colonization, to whom Cortes burnt his feet alive before killing him
[2] in relation with the cheating commercial offer of "the good end", on the week-end of the Mexican Revolution day
[3] personal names of the spirit of Peyote
[4] in relation to Angelica Rivera, famous as an actress in a soap tv series, called the She-seagull, now wife of the president of Mexico, and personally at the center of a corruption scandal
[5] songs exalting the mafia
[6] words from the famous song "Hasta siempre Comandante Che Guevara"


the author reading this poem in Plaza de Armas San Luis Potosí Mexico on November the 20th 2014

in front of governement palace during a popular manifestation (click here to hear)