Fire in the stomach in the soul
age after age, threading innumerable lives
the karmic war goes on.

Gastric creak pushes burning lava up the esophagus
to arrogantly inflame the hearth, eruptions of pain
devastating karmic war.

Families as field of ancient battles,
the motivations lost during the ice age,
the karmic war goes on without brakes.

Entrenched gangs launching homicide attacks
equally guilty, everyone, to use the life
for a karmic war without end.

Sciatica, stones in the kidneys, screams in the mental darkness
of the forgotten memories, of the reboot, of the ravage, of the ruins
born to kill, nothing else, and then die, probably killed, again.

Eyes looking everywhere for the unknown, and forgotten, enemy
waiting at every corner, hidden, incarnating in a sorcerer assassin
inflamed in the repetition of a karmic vendetta without end.

Bunions hepatitis anorexia, Cain & Abel, Layo & Oedipus, Romeo & Juliet,
exploited planet, burnt country, desert overcoming
moon howling to the life, strange attractor of death without end.

Tyranny of time, god of armies bloody stalking;
parachute the panoramic breath jumps from the diving bomber
able to extend the present moment to an implosion without end.


Rodolfo de Matteis, the Bardo Rodol @ Real de Catorce, Mexico, November the 6th 2012