When Vincenzo died
someone, Sabina? said that we all thought
or the very same concept Courtney Love
expressed, tens of years later, when Kurt Cobain died:
he was burnt by the desire to die young by his excesses
like Jimi, like Janis, he couldn’t have lived one day more!

It’s really hard to decide goin’on living every day with that burning desire
follow¬°ng you calling you, slowing you down on the highways, and speeding you up on the turns
existential U-turns defibrillating not-convinced suicides, hangover's ones.
And so many more, nearly all of them, have accepted the call of Rimbaud, the handsome and damned.
How do I struggle again? with which right? with which face?
Guilty to have accepted life, angry of the failure on the kamikaze mission
guilty that the world go on, its injustice, its so-expected loves of operetta
its chatters that go with the wind, that wind feeling so cold.




Rodolfo de Matteis, the Bardo Rodol
Real de Catorce, Mexico, 20th of February 2014