Venus the white or that Star
of the Morning beloved by everyone
called Lucifer, too, the bearer of Light
or Kukulkán the Plumed Serpent
the only female of this Sun of ours
together with our Mother earth Gaia,
when rises at Night’s Death
kisses my dreams and wakes me up
just in time before the day
fog with Light the Poetry of Darkness
painting a new illusion
clear colors no more obscure hues
alive equilibrium between the worlds
that the white lighthouse always brings.

She goes and fades away that star
at the storming of day and night
not standing the arrogance of the Gods
and announcing always their fall
while inviting them a last cigarette,
high Lady alien to any marketing.

She goes and fades away that star
at the coming of safeties and boredom
but if you watch well when she’s no more there
while rising the Sun into the empty Sky
again for a magic endless moment
she shines and the eye can greet Venus.




After full Moon, October the 3rd of 2001
Translated by the author for Morning Star 
from the original Italian on the 27 of April 2011