The violence of a damned god
hammers the brain the heart the legs going up stairways tired
drilling my life with what I did not
a mohammed female hysterical and bear-dead
the Blade already cut into the flesh
the lama is blood-soaked
Costantinople besieged bewitched by a radioactive lipstick
animate existential tsunamis
to bury a past dead
dead killed.

And the current catastrophist prophets
do nothing else than announce the end of the world
exactly what the people want
the salvation into the arms of the Death.
The real prophet of disaster announces today the repetition of a life
where always and again a black future is stalking us
cannibal alligator escaped from the zoo of the welfare
grown up into sewers polluted by shits at high rates of preservatives.
Turd immortal and zombie
altars of shit erected
erect and priapist
never stinks as vengeance.


Flying over the Atlantic Ocean, 29th of September 2013
Rodolfo de Matteis