Pleasure in the Heights

The needle penetrating in his vein started to wake him up, the electric flux released by the injection gave a shivering, erotic and ancient, to his body, that is no cold any more. - I am your spaceship waking you up because there is an UFO in course of collision -. I don’t know who the fuck I am, but what I know is that is me observing the UFO I brought into the ship: it is an incredible space algae that nobody knows how can live only from starlight in the deepest loneliness of the vacuum.

Token off the space suite I stay naked in front of the algae, that is rocking synchronic with my thoughts, the hang-over of who knows how many centuries of sleep is hard, as my cock, that never went down since I woke up. Even every single hair of my leg get erected now touching the algae, it’s feeling like she is licking me, or better she is sucking my fleece, and each one of my hairs is experiencing its own orgasm! In the end I am a collective being made by thousands of symbiotic creatures that exist only because of the delight of pleasure.

With the algae snaking around my leg I dream to be penetrated in the ass by her tentacle, tempting me… and there is my father watching, the first fucking memory of the time before the hibernation, and my dick goes down fast, I am cold and guilty.

But she starts to suck my cock, folded in green and hard again, oh the delight! And she swallows my balls, twin brothers devouring each other, and the pleasure is immense. I don’t know if she swallow me or I jump voluntary into her jaws, but before the disappearing of my head into it I scream

– I remember they called me Nanahuatzin… and now thank to you my carnivorous plant, my fucking deep space whore, my love, now… I am a starseed! –

Et Lux Fuit: the vacuum is enlightened by a big tough star son of a bitch.



the original in Spanish is been selected for the book of erotic literature of the Bataclán Internaciónal