Standing People

When my roots are spreading deep and far
into the vastness of my darling mother earth
I firstly feel her perfume so intense and delicate
speaking to me from the sweet & sour curiosity
of my strange childhood
and then, at once,
I can feel the pleasure of taking shelter and refuge
into the fresh darkness of her deep embrace
and, at the same time,
the joy to grow my branches
high and more high
toward the light to reach the sky
and the warm touch of the wind
that make me singing.

The wind blows out from the trees
when they want to speak.

And me so a minute black dot
against the earth's ice caps
so vast and white.

I remember then
when I was so proud that I wanted to teach
to the trees to grow airborne roots
so to be free to follow our moving...

and now I have to thank them instead,
my forefathers the trees,
to teach me how to be silent, quiet
and connected to all of you
through my magic roots;
and to be so grateful
to the shining revolutionary intent of the nagual
revealing the old secret
The science of perception
to the all of us.

thank you for your attention
whispering in the wilderness

March 25th 2003