The wind comes and gently sweeps the mirages away
formerly pressing needs vanish at once
as dreams when the sun rises,
the stone path stays : to shepherd the steps the stops.
The sun’s breath inhales wonders from the universe
and infuses intention to the planets of ours
expanding that naked raw time
that was never enough, before,
shaking the surfaces where
trembling the shadows lay.

The wind brings echoes of horizons
unknown and far out, compass of ours
through seas of stone, air, water and mists.
It looks so strange: in the nowhere the wind still blows,
it springs out from the fire; outer or inner fire
always it feeds the spiral of life
now strong now slight, restless, calm
the motion of the soul spreads everywhere:
seed in the present laughs at the other times
with which even dances their eternal dance.

In front of Cerro Quemado, june 29th of 2002, Kin 22