Seeking Love

fool moon challenge of truth


Shining in your eyes my fear, oh shiny eyes!
Walking on clouds your feet, oh flying feet!
By the gazes of men fixed on you a cloud is made:
desire, shyness, thoughts, euphoria, dumb words
are the atoms of the numb vapour making that cloud
on which you… it’s your birthright! your hard heritage
to crush the all of them, on that cloud you walk
(I like the way you walk, by the way, the way you talk)
like on a flying carpet you walk, oh flying lotus feet!

From that numb amorphous cloud my gaze rises
like a cobra my eyes stalk yours, oh shiny eyes!
Your acknowledgement catch me, unready, shy
like a child caught with the fingers in the jam’s jar
my clenched throat swallows that million of words
I should have for you, oh Galaxy of my dreams!
in the Milky Way of my desire, my joy, my breath
all in slow motion: a click of my life, an heart beat
passes only when you watch at me, oh shiny eyes! 

Thank You, My Lady, of the energy you give me,
for free, just ‘cause of your challenge, I’m writing
to you, because of you, frightful Muse of mine
at least now my peeping once predator boor macho eyes
are not going around looking after any beauty
now they stay, they rest on you only, oh shiny eyes!


to Maria Galaxy, Pescara, Italia, 2008