They reproduce themselves
incessantly increasing they reproduce themselves
Where do they come from?
People people people old people new
We are always the same people of course
Then do they really exist the new ones?
I don’t see them but I listen
Multiple personalities exploding by their own, incarnating themselves
Incarnating ghosts at last admitted
to the lecherous banquet of the suspicious alliances
female body transforming invasively
Horrible altar of the invader gestation
of the whorish deep throat
black hole that swallows everything spitting out personalities
Again and again new personalities study new challenges
Labor a bout de soufflé existential protohomicide
From site specific to a specific site they dragging me the Whale and Jonas
Ahab where are you? Save me Ahab! Ahab the intrepid the only one to defy the dark whirlpool sucking in the precooked ejaculation.

Real de Catorce 7/21/2012


I hear your spirit bursting out at laugh when you listen to these words of mine
Michel, my dear son, because, with a little help from my friends
I remember when we were nowhere
weaving the abacus of our lives
putting another shiny glass bead into the Game.
And so that celestial bead became a swollen shiny earthly belly
the endless ocean of milk where you were swimming free, just a few moons back
and that now you already fill, feeling tightened and kicking your way out to dive head down into this old new world of yours, and ours
where I’ve to be careful with my words, with the tone of my voice
where we’re living this countless exercise of style
tuning to the rhythm of the sunrises, the rustling of the leaves, the melody of a Cessna’s flight, the chant of the winged hunter.
And so, as I promised nowhere to bring you here again, and perhaps only by Chance I kept my word, I promise to listen you here and now and ever
bathing my hair and my hears into the wind blowing from the Angel’s wings
to dive head down into a new adventure in this hall of mirrors…
Oh Alice! I know you are here with us, Alice my sweetheart my eternal lover. Alice the only one so intrepid to have given me the golden key to pass through the looking glass.

Sedona 9/2/2012