I bless my voice, I bless this day, the day in which I was born and the day in which I’ll eventually die

Spirit that lives in my heart help me please with this works:

I’m going to dissolve the resentment I have toward any people or thing and toward myself

I’m going to leave the attachment for people and things which already did their part in my life, thanking them and letting them free, and blessed

I move my fears from the front to a side of myself, so that I can face the novelty

I know that fear is the other side of intuition and in that I transform it, as I transform anger into passion and, by mixing it with love, I transform sadness into compassion

I bless and thank any food and drink, using them in the more natural and purest available form

I bless and thank any people or happening crossing my way, careful to hear the message they bring for me

I thank the light rising in the world, even if it shows the mistakes of the old one, so that I be able to work for the change

I go back to be what I always was

Spirit that lives in my heart and in the Universe I thank you for manifesting these firm intention of mine

permitting me so to flow freely happily and lightly in creating and living the healing an the abundance in love with myself and the whole world

Thank You Thank You Thank You


Rodolfo de Matteis, walking up Mt Quemado, 5th of December 2011
translation into English by the author on 24th of September 2012