NOKEY (1994)

The sign of the jail imprinted in the DNA
   Or perhaps is only the fear
   Pushing me into its arms
   To build my bars
   To count the dead of every night of peace
   To break my ancient white bones
   To feed, as if they were dry wood,
   The fire that light with yellow paranoia
   And that warm with lonely ice
   The big chains that clamp my ankles
   Hitched to the others silent slaves howling
   Rocking ourselves slowly at the rhythm of the drum
   The sad chant of this sentence to happiness of ours.

   And at dawn when the young yet ancient sun
   That already knows well myself and everything else
   And already saw too many galleons loaded of miseries
   He pours its light on me
   Finding us in deep water between Africa and the Americas
   Chain myself anchored to the floor banged
   Whipped  by my own rod to condemn myself
   To another eternal day without adventure 
   With which to moisten my throat dried
   By the ashes of my own body cremated during
   The rich libations of another night of party.  
[Rodolfo de Matteis]