Hey master of obsessions, how are you?
The thrill of the extreme emotions you (sure is you?) continuously live immersed in, doesn’t have you tired?
So much liberation in your tears… but liberation from what? from your past heavy sins?
master of obsessions, why do you like to live in the past… just to cry?
So warm and sweet so salty and bitter the cleansing tears…
do you really feel better and liberated after or is it just the pleasure of the running of the hormones you are addicted to?

And when you are engaged in that sacred rage of yours, dear master of obsessions
why don’t you teach to the whole world how it is so great to have the full right on your side?
Why not to be the blade, the blade of your personal Jesus, and kill the petty sinners, the mistakers
who still hang around slowing down the planet, and yourself of course, in the spiritual evolution?
Still feeling so great seeding panic and sorrow around, holy warrior?
So powerful are the fruits of such seeds, so needed by the world tired to be on the wrong side…
or may be you are just seeding your future sweet and warm and salty and bitter tears, so comforting so cleansing so liberating…

Oh master of obsessions, remember me the great pleasure to be a god in his full power, when one feel as a god and no more
and the echoes of your fucking laugh when you a devil, a devil and nothing else
doesn’t it remember a bit those old comics you were reading as a child?
Donald Duck with an angel talking to one of his hears and a devil to the other one…
Aren’t you, oh great master of obsessions, afraid to be so obvious?


Real de 14, 29th of September 2012