(offerings & gifts)


it is advised to wait and follow the rythm of the changes in the music while pacing the reading/breathing of the text





Memories of cilice, transfixed in the flesh, the soul
Fear of fangs, claws salvaging my testicles
Addiction to whip myself, to punish myself
The state of the art of a political headache used against myself
Filling up my lungs with the world’s imperfections
Feeling god when I utter blasphemy


this alive strange bitter scent of Olive-trees
the ancientness of the nuptial bed of Ithaca
this scent of the millennia previous to Ulysses





My weaving a web daytime and unweaving it by night, alone
Watering myself with crocodile’s tears until nearly drowning into
Floating over them as a piece of shit, to save myself
My guffaws about my own heavy gags, to enjoy in wounding my dear ones, in a loud voice
To let myself being devoured by the others, to be small, invisible, used, leaded, an exchangeable good, a mirror for larks
My beloved larks handed over to the antagonist Vampire


this taste of Dirt
this taste of Cactus
this taste of blessed Oil
this calm – flow
this time still – flying
a leave approaching me from a bare naked branch
weaving a world wide web –
the Forest ‘s secret
of the deep shadows at noon



Fear to walk, to get lost
Obsession of intestinal & gastric gases roaring with authority
Marking the world with the stinkin’ heaviness of my presence
The vulgarity of power, of force, voracity of the eyes bigger than the stomach
Of the dick hungry, angry


the birds’ song
the wind’s song
the waving of the grass blades
the joy of the less that is more
a lizard rising his head


And again you old order
Rigidity, imposing teachings, mental laziness, indulging, prejudice, preconceived
Fast fast fast




dedicated to Beppe Manfredini and the Trees of his land
in the day before Holy Thursday 2011




This soundtrack is a mix I did using parts of the following pieces 
(wich authors, musician playing, and editors I thank heartly)
in order of appearance:
Evil Eye by Fu Manchu
Serenata Gia Th Sexoualikh Apousia by Manou Hatzidaki
Diario de Un Borracho by Alfredo Gutiérrez
Peyote by Gonzalo Ceja
I Was A Prisoner by Mordacious
Cumbia & Jazz Fusion by Charlie Mingus
March of the Hobbits by Don Cherry