Fire Fuego Foco Agni Tatewari

Flames Red yellow high living flames

Alive warmth, Light of my Life


Scrasch Hiss Strack You destroy me

Explosion Rage Destruction

Anger, Life doesn't care about me about you

Atomic Volcano in my belly

Stinky sweat running hot under my arms

Fire Master, please destroy them, don't look at me

with your Snake Eyes

with redcoal pupils

with your Black Horns


Fire Flames Hissing Power

Change me forever

Burn my old body

vices addictions voracity

turn me to Ashes

bury them into the Earth

flow them freely into the Rivers of Life

of the Love I see in those weeping eyes of Hers


Ram Nam Satya hai

Ram Ram Ram

Blow me up, surfing your high Flames, Fire

Friend Love Hot Heart Fire

burning, hurting, blessing, forever change

Sparky Sparky Sparky

oh Wind blow this tiny Spark of me

high high high in the Sky as a

Star Seed


Sandia Park, New Year Retreat, 1 1 11